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GITCHIA is one of the leading fast-growing Certification,training inspection body in Pakistan.GITCHIA is offering the Certification Services in Pakistan and across the globe.GITCHIA has its own regional assessors throughout Pakistan and has operations globally.GITCHIA Auditors and trainers are highly qualified with huge industrial Audit Experience. They are Professional in their approach.
GITCHIA understands the status of impartiality in carrying out its Management System Certification activities, manages conflict of interest & guarantees the fairness of the Management System Certification activities. GITCHIA operates as certification and training body, organized according to international standard ISO/IEC 17021:2015.
GITCHIA is accredited by UKAF – International Accreditation Service. GITCHIA is an international certification registrar. We have 5 offices in Pakistan and neighboring countries from where we serve over 12,000 clients. We were established in 2002 and we are Pakistan pioneer standards body. We have a pool of 35 auditors technical experts. We provide you with industry leading inspection, verification, testing and certification services anywhere in Pakistan abroad.

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Choosing a trustworthy organization can be a tough job. So, let us convince you that we can do all that will help you to groom yourself to make a better future.

Our extensive range of training programs provides easy and flexible learning and these customized training programs will target the skills that you need. We also provide translation services from traditional to international standards.

We are always looking forward to help our clients to get a flourishing career. Therefore, we are providing TWO FREE field trainings, FOUR FREE business coaching training programs to our customer along with ONE FREE Because we care about you. So, choose GITCHIA Entrepreneurs Pvt. Ltd. for training ,certification & inspection service and you will not be disappointed.

As an organization of professionals, we always value honesty, integrity, customer’s confidentiality and continuous improvement. We take pride in having the trained and highly motivated team members who are dedicated to their work for customer’s satisfaction and will always keep you updated with every new standard that comes in market.

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